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Inspired by the seasonal changes in Nordic nature, our new designs bring a subtle decadence to the signature aesthetic of Broste Copenhagen. Our autumn/winter 2017 collection focuses on simple lines, experimental combinations and authentic natural materials. The collection features sophisticated design pieces in a rich colour palette ranging from warm tans to drizzle grey, and hues of deep matte blues accented by muted shades of gold.

Iron compositions, golden metals, and natural woods create an interesting contrast to beautiful coloured velvet, fur, and wool textiles, in this collection’s perfectly poised design pieces. Creating a welcoming, cosy ambience in a room is all about achieving balance between soft and hard surfaces, bright and dark colours and different materials.

This season we are proud to introduce a new selection of furniture. Our new collection of upholstered furniture consists of five unique items - all produced in soft velvet. Designed for comfort and functionality, the pieces perfectly accentuate the feeling of a cosy Nordic home. The lavish feminine details of velvet are an amazing match for natural materials like wood and steel, thus enabling you to add unexpected appeal and edge to your décor.